Tribute to Bernie Mac

"Daddy 3 yrs ago my entire world changed. I admit life was better with you here, but I love you always & will cont. your legacy. Love always"

— 'JéNiece McCullough'
Cedric the Entertainer

Much Love n respect for all of you that Love the man B mac,he was an original and one of the funniest to ever bless the mic.

— Cedric the Entertainer
Steve Harvey

RIP Bernie- I miss you brother! Kings Live 4Ever

— Steve Harvey
Chuck Vinson, Director

Even though Bernie has left us in this world, his comedy still makes all of us laugh…HARD!  Mac Man, Pryor and Harris must have the angels rolling.  Miss you.

— Chuck Vinson, Director
Bill Bellamy

I truly miss my big brother, Bernie Mac. From Def Jam to How TO Be A Player! We bonded! #truefriends

— Bill Bellamy

Bernie was there 4 ya boi since the beginning I owe him Nd always will. Bernie Mac lay the foundation 4 a lot a what’s goin on n comedy We got 2 pay respects Nd lov 2 the legend.

— Earthquake
D.L. Hughley

The MAC MAN taught me as much about life as he ever did about Comedy! One of the greatest comedians to ever command the stage, never afraid of telling it how he saw it! You are missed!

— D.L. Hughley
Affion Crockett

Had the pleasure of working with Bernie on his last film SOUL MEN. I’m forever grateful. He taught me plenty about comedy.

— Affion Crockett
Damon Williams

Bernie Mac was a mentor and friend He set the standard and was a true Chicago style dude R I P

— Damon Williams
DeRay Davis

He was the truth!

— DeRay Davis
Niecy Nash

Mac told me “do u & I will follow( improv ) I got mines, u get yours” Who does that?! The Mac Man that’s who! A real King!

— Niecy Nash
Arsenio Hall

B-Mac was with the same sista (wile) the day I met him, that he was with the day he passed. Tells u a lot about that brother!

— Arsenio Hall
Adele Givens

In 1993 Bernie came ALL the way from da southside 2my west side apt. to check on me @1AM w/ a gun and a friend Mac was da MAN!

— Adele Givens